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Firma nabízí pískování a dekorování skla sítotiskem a lepení obtisků. Zabýváme se výrobou a prodejem skleněných flakónů pro parfémy.

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With a family glassmaker tradition almost 400 years old (at least since 1523 according to present knowledge), HEINZ Group is among the world market leaders today in manufacturing and refining small glass bottles for the perfume and cosmetics industry as well as for plastic containers and caps.

Visionary entrepreneurial expertise and targeted investments have contributed to its success on the international packaging market. In five German factories as well as at additional sites in Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, China as well as in North and South America, "Complete Packaging" solutions are developed, produced, refined and sold worldwide via our own foreign subsidiaries and sales representatives.

Overall, almost 3,000 motivated employees (approx. 1,700 of them in Germany) achieve sales of approx. 250 million Euros.

The core competencies of HEINZ include the in-house development department of the HEINZ-GLAS Division, our own glass mold mold making as well as extremely advanced technology in production and refining. With its innovative force, consistent orientation to quality and - not the least - its clever international investment policy, the family-run company is in a good position locally and globally for the future. HEINZ-GLAS has already been a global player for quite some time, and our high quality and exclusive products are esteemed by customers throughout the world. The flacons from HEINZ-GLAS not only set esthetic standards, but also technological ones. In addition, there are multifaceted refining options such as matting, multiple color spraying, metallization, pad printing and laser engraving, which give each flacon an individual look. Hundreds of additional jobs are linked with this in downstream glass refining plants in the HEINZ Group as in legally and commercially independent companies as well as in upstream companies (e.g., mining raw materials and mold making). All of these pre-finished and finished products then only require reliable shipping. As a result, every job in the production plants of the Heinz Group has an approximate counterpart externally!

A big chapter is being written by experience of our employees, which has grown and been passed on through the generations, and who apply it with idealism and hard work and above all enrich it continually with new product and production ideas. This is connected with substantial investments in advanced technology, research and development as well as training and continuing education. This creates a very good local basis for our global field of activities.
HEINZ-GLAS has proven increasingly over the past years that even luxury and high-quality flacons with extraordinary designs can be manufactured in a completely automatic production process.

We provide customers with additional advantages because these can be produced at HEINZ-GLAS very flexibly in small or large production batches within a short time. Almost every challenge specific to development and production, which the technology staff is faced with, signifies a step forward and often marks a victory of esthetics over previous industrial standards.

The glass specialists at HEINZ and the designer and packing developers of customers speak the same language in the meantime. The customers of HEINZ include companies such as AVON, Beiersdorf (Nivea, Juvena, LaPrairie), Bulgari, Coty, Dior, Estee Lauder, L`Oreal (also Yves Saint Laurent), Mäurer & Wirtz, Oriflame, Procter & Gamble, Puig, Yves Rocher, Shiseido and many more.

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Adresa:Soukenná 556
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Telefon:354 599 463
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